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CareerXL Career Development, Networking, Job Search, Resumes

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There lots of tools and resources on Career XL, make sure you take advantage of everything, don't stop with the FREE resume and cover letter templates, there is much more here for you!

  • Free Resume & Cover Letter Templates
  • Check out the no fee (free) Resume Services from - yes it is for real, and they are OK people not scammers, they are a real non-profit here to help you
  • How to Videos for Resumes, Cover Letters, and Networking
  • How to Get Started on LinkedIn
  • Networking on the Web with LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook
  • Check out our career bookstore with links directly to job search & career development books on
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  • What are your biggest challenges on your job search?
  • What drives you nuts and frustrates you about the existing job sites and job boards? (it's OK to rant)
  • How many jobs have you applied for on the job sites so far?
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